Welcome to 2 Beach Store!

Welcome to 2 Beach Store!  We are not only a way to find comfortable and appealing sportswear and beachwear, but we are also a brand that is a testament to a carefree and “beachy” way of life.  With reverence for one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations, the beach, we create clothing that is not only sand-friendly but also clothing that fits your active lifestyle!


Our love for Thai culture and fashion influence has prompted us to take a different aspect to beachwear.  Utilizing the Asian-based culture designs, 2 Beach Store offers an international marketplace that isn’t just your typical beachwear.


With the majestic beaches of Thailand in mind, all of our quality beachwear pays tribute to the beach’s beauty in Thailand. With a unique style and feel, 2 Beach Store offers you various designs that you won’t see in your local surf shop or beachwear boutique.  Like the beaches of Thailand, our designs are different.  In this arena, different is good!


Unlike many of our competitors, our goal is to bring to you fashion-forward beachwear that tells a cultural distinction story.  We don’t mimic the designs of other companies.  Instead, we create our own that truly tell a story of the cultures in which they represent.


Our focus is on all walks of life and ages.  Our fashion isn’t just for adults!  It’s also an excellent way for your to clothe your children in comfortable clothing that celebrates their love for the beach as well!  Focused on fun, all of our clothing tells a story that responds to the sounds of the sea!


If hitting the beach is one of your favorite things to do in this life, then 2 Beach Store is the ultimate website to celebrate your passion for the beach!  Please take a look around and revel in the many different designs that celebrate your favorite place in the world!


We can’t wait to see you in our clothing at the beach!